Pregnancy Yoga, Massage & Hypnobirthing in Norwich

Ease yourself through this magical time with a range of pregnancy yoga classes and treatments in Norwich for both yourself and your partner that can assist and prepare your changing body and mind, up until the moment your new bundle of joy arrives.

Pregnancy yoga classes give all mummies-to-be a wonderful way to connect with your growing baby while allowing you to stretch and relax your way into motherhood. But we don’t stop there, we also offer relaxing and luxurious pregnancy massage perfect for achy pelvises and backs and designed to soothe both you and your baby; and finally to help with your birthing journey, we also offer hypnobirthing. Feel empowered and ready for a better birthing experience with our hypnobirthing classes. Classes are available as part of a group or as a private class depending on your preference.

With YogaBumps you don’t just learn and experience pregnancy yoga, you also have the chance to speak to other mums-to-be and receive guidance and expert advice from Jackie. We think it’s important to have an extra support network, so when you sign up to YogaBumps you also receive a few extras to help you through pregnancy, birth and beyond!

It’s more than just pregnancy yoga: Sign up to 6 sessions of YogaBumps Pregnancy Yoga & also receive:

Birthing expert, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, has put all of her expertise in one package to give you the best offer for your safe, all-inclusive, pregnancy and birthing, health, care and wellbeing.

**Buy 6 sessions of pregnancy yoga and you’ll also receive: a FREE pregnancy sun salutation video download taught by Jackie, £25 OFF Hypnobirthing and £10 OFF the Birthing Toolkit – Jackie’s childbirth education course – plus you’ll have access to our monthly newsletter as well as being invited to become one of our Orange Grove VIP’s entitling you to monthly massage offers across all of our treatments to suit whatever your massage needs may be!**

YogaBumps is proud to say we’re here for you and will support you through the whole nine months. We want to help you to further connect with your growing baby, embrace the physical and emotional changes, provide techniques to calm and prepare both expectant mums and their partners for your new bundle of joy.

Our classes which are taught by co-director of The Orange Grove Clinic, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, take place in a range of easy to reach locations around Norwich, Norfolk. Book today!

Pregnancy Yoga

Our pregnancy yoga classes offer a wonderful way to connect with your growing baby while allowing you to stretch and relax in to motherhood.

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Pregnancy Massage

View our range of relaxing and luxurious pregnancy massages, perfect for sad achy pelvises and designed to soothe you and your growing baby.

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Feel empowered and ready for a better birthing experience with hypnobirthing, available as part of a group or a private class.

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