Birthing Toolkit Workshop

Enter Birthing with a feeling of Knowledge, Control and Empowerment.

Birthing Toolkit Workshop, Norwich

Drawing on Jackie’s years of working in Hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy massage and childbirth education, the Birthing Toolkit Workshop combines Hypnobirthing essentials with additional guidance from Jackie.

This comprehensive workshop covers  all the essentials you and your partner need to consider for the birth of your baby, including massage for labour, breathing techniques, active birth movements, deep self-relaxation tools, massage methods, positioning baby for birth and practical guidance about when to go to the hospital and even how to sit in the car!

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How to book

To book click here. All the below workshops take place at Caistor Hall Hotel, Caistor St Edmund, just 5 minutes from Norwich.
Workshop dates can also be seen below:
  • Saturday 6th October – 1.00-5.00pm
  • Saturday 24th November – 1.00-5.00pm

Who is the Birthing Toolkit workshop for?

The Workshop is suitable for all pregnant mums and their birth partners.

“A thought provoking, empowering course that has given me confidence about the birth. Hypnobirthing gives the birthing partner a defined role when often they are left not knowing what to do. Time and effort is required during and after the course to practice, but the benefit is fast during that period also, and is of great benefit to parents and baby.”

Anna Dolling, Norwich

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing supports the natural instincts of your body in birth. Through teaching mums-to-be, deep relaxation and breathing techniques, we’ll take you on a journey that will ease you in to childbirth to maintain a feeling of calm and control. Fear and tension can lead to the release of Catecholamine, a stress hormone, which shuts off the supply of the natural pain killer Endorphin, this can mean stress, pain and failure to progress.

Through this process, stress levels will be reduced, which will help the promotion of Endorphins, in turn leading you towards a calm and relaxed birth, as nature intended. Our aim is that you enter birthing with a feeling of knowledge, control and empowerment, so you can enjoy birthing your baby.

If the Birthing Tool Kit isn’t for you, how about our Hypnobirthing courses? To book by phone contact The Orange Grove Clinic.