Use Birth Hypnotherapy, Relaxation & Breathing Techniques for a Better Birth

There are 3 big mistakes Birthing Women make, Jackie knows, she made them first time around! But then Jackie discovered HypnoBirthing a process which includes birth hypnotherapy, relaxation and breathing techniques, to help her have an amazing, calm, controlled birth second time round. In fact she loved the methods behind hypnobirthing so much she now teaches others, in Norwich and Norfolk, how to do this too through her hugely popular HypnoBirthing and Birthing Tool Kit childbirth classes.

Don’t make mistakes… enjoy your birth instead…

  1. You don’t need to go to a childbirthing class or use birth hypnotherapy, women have been doing this for eternity!

    Jackie says:

Well yes, that’s true. In fact, when I spoke to my own mum about birthing before I had Megan she said “its fine darling, just breathe down your birth canal”.  It’s true that women birth all the time, so how hard can it be!?

Birth hypnotherapyThe fact is, for a lot of us women in 2017, we are not so good at just ‘tuning in and breathing babies out”. The reason for that is our over-thinking minds and our need to control. When I had Megs in 2005 I was Head of Lifestyle for a television company and had a very demanding job. My career was about managing people, programming, making sure all was in control and running smoothly. I kind of thought I could maintain that through my birth, that was until I realised that I didn’t know what I was doing, what was happening, or what was to come, that led to fear, anxiety and therefore catecholamine’s and adrenalin, which in turn flattened the natural feel-good calming effects of painkilling Endorphins and the birth hormone of oxytocin which keeps the labour productive.

After some years of studying HypnoBirthing, birth hypnotherapy and mindfulness I was ready for my second birth which was altogether different, it was calm, empowering and enjoyable. I loved it. This was because I had learnt how to quieten my mind and stay focused on my positivity and breath, how to use my body to help my birth, my husband had done Hypnobirthing too – so he too felt calmer and was a great help, and I learnt to be SO in control, I was able to safely and with confidence totally LET GO and birth my baby boy. These skills need to be learnt, they don’t always come naturally, it is really helpful to be given ideas and invaluable tools to call upon. I don’t teach as much HypnoBirthing as I used to due to needing time with my family, which is why I now teach the brilliant Birthing Tool Kit – a concise 4 hours of all the ‘best bits’ for birthing. But I have trained the lovely Dr Del Tubby who takes over teaching some of my classes, who is truly gifted in teaching and has had two very wonderful Hypnobirths of her own, which I guided her through. Whichever childbirth education you choose, make sure it teaches you real tools for birthing, you will be very pleased you have them!!

  1. He’ll be alright… 

    Jackie says:

Well he will, because he is your partner, loves you, and wants to help you the best way he can. But he can be alright, or he can be a brilliant birth partner, and I know which he, and you, would prefer. Doing a childbirthing class means that not only you, but both of you are ready and prepared. In HypnoBirthing we call the birth partners the ‘silver back gorillas’ as their job is to look after and protect your space; to be your eyes, your ears, your voice, your advocate, your support – so you can get on with the birthing job in hand quietly with no fuss. Classes like HypnoBirthing and The Birthing Tool Kit give real advice on how you can best work together as a team, and how he can best support you on the day. He will be knowledgeable, and therefore confident, and will know how to encourage your breathing techniques and massage your back to best effect. Here is a blog on ‘How to be the best birth partner possible’ in case you have probs with some solid techniques and tools to help you both.

  1. I am a failure if I don’t give birth naturally

     Jackie says:

Wowsers, that’s not the best start to mothering, to think you’re a failure before you even meet your baby! Birthing is not always as straight forward as we would like, and we do have ever-increasing ‘risk-watching’ medics who are quite desperate to jump in at any opportunity to ‘help you birth’, but however you end up birthing it can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Things do go wrong with birthing. The amount of medical attention is fabulous as it means we are all healthy and hold happy babies in our arms. But the ‘pay-off’ is that we are so over-scrutinised we often get ‘needless’ help and intervention, and this can lead to complications. So the advice is to be aware. Talk to other experts like myself, or other complementary birth experts, and definitely talk to your midwives as they will often give you great advice. Before you birth make sure your partner understands what it is you would like from your birth, and do go through a birth preparation together carefully.Birth Partner Birth hypnotherapy

A birth preparation, like we do together in HypnoBirthing class and Birthing Toolkit classes as there is so much you can do to help you feel like you are ‘owning’ your birth, rather than a passive onlooker at your own labour. But, at the end of the day, if your birthing does take ‘a turn’ down a tricky path because your baby is in an awkward position, you go over 42 weeks and decide to be induced, or perhaps your cervix just does not want to open, then rest assured the medics are there to help, and if something goes a bit wrong, you have NOTHING to worry about as you will be very well looked after. So there really is no point in worrying about birth at all! It’s lovely to have a nice, normal birth, but if for whatever reason that just does not happen, it doesn’t matter, your baby will be safe in your arms for you to gaze into their eyes and love them forever, whether they came via the normal route or through the sun roof! You will have done your best, and that is ALL that matters. Get used to that feeling, because when you are a mum we simply do our best, and that is ALL that matters.

Using methods such as birth hypnotherapy, relaxation and breathing techniques, gave Jackie the tools to not only manage her labour it also gave her such a strong belief in the techniques that she decided to teach it herself. Book Jackie’s Hypnobirthing and/or Birthing Toolkit classes today. As classes are in a group setting you can also opt for one-to-one Hypnobirthing or if you are interested in having the Birthing Toolkit available to watch in your own home as your leisure, Jackie now has a video workshop available for download.

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