How Birthing classes helped Penny

You never know quite what you’re going to get during labour and things don’t necessarily go perfectly to plan. But it’s always lovely to hear that despite these hiccups, we’ve been able to do our bit to help Mum and Dad cope when plans change. The techniques that can be learnt during our birthing classes such as Birthing Toolkit, Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Yoga can all help mums cope with the unknown, and we’re really pleased this was the case for lovely YogaBump ‘now mummy’ Penny! Massive congratulations! Here’s Penny’s birth story:

Birthing classes ‘gave me a basis to stay calm’

“Esmé Charlotte Todd was born on Saturday 4th February at 20.18pm weighing 8lb. We didn’t have the birth we dreamt of or imagined but used the techniques we learnt at the birthing toolkit to get us through.

It all started after a membrane sweep on the Thursday. I pretty much went into early labour straight away. Jase and I took a walk and I bathed, listened to the music we used at YogaBumps and even played monopoly. The contractions continued to get stronger and we headed to the MLBU only to be told we were on 3cm dilated and to go home. Things continued to get stronger and closer together and by Friday evening we were heading to MLBU again. At this point I was 5cm and we headed to the bath. Things progressed very very slowly. I loved the feel of the MLBU room and the staff were incredible.Birthing classes helped this mum deliver Esme

I spent most of Saturday day in the bath and on the giant bean bag – listening to the music. Unfortunately on change over of staff we came to realise I had gone from 8cm back to 3cm and Esmé was in fact star gazing (maybe it was the green sparkly lights) rather than having her head tucked down. Although my contractions were still strong and Esmé was calm we decided I’d be best on delivery suite having an oxytocin drip and epidural. It wasn’t what I would have planned but by this point we had been in labour for so long I was exhausted. Throughout everything we constantly used the golden thread breath with us counting in and out more times than we wish to remember!

After a few hours on the oxytocin drip I was still only 3cm dilated and the contractions were continuing to be nice and strong! So it was decided that we would need a c section. We headed there pretty much straight away. The sound of her crying was the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard and daddy soon took over the cuddles.

We would just like to thank you for giving me a basis to stay calm as I don’t think I would have stayed so calm for so long if it hadn’t been for the techniques we learnt at our birthing classes.

Esmé and I are looking forward to joining you at YogaBubs once the csection pain disappears and we can drive”