Birthing Techniques Worked a Treat

Thanks for sharing your story Lisa! We’d like to welcome lovely Lenny into the world! So pleased to hear our birthing techniques such as a bit of ‘shaking the pear tree’, ‘golden thread breathing’ and the pregnancy yoga all helped!

“Our little boy – Leonard James Robertson, known as Lenny was also born on the 12th January, the day before my birthday! Apologies for the essay, it’s nice to write it down!Breathing techniques

I was convinced I’d go overdue so on the 11th Jan at 39+3, feeling as normal as any day, I had planned a busy day. In the morning i felt like I had mild period pain, but no pressure, waters, show or head down low feeling so I thought it must just be the very early signs that my body was gearing into action. By the afternoon and I mentioned to my friend that these period pains were now quite a bit stronger and coming quite frequently, like every 15 mins. And I had to stand up & sway when I got them. Err, sounds like you are in labour, she said. I went home (6pm) and put the contraction timer on, low and behold these pains were actually every 5-6 mins and lasting anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute, they were getting quite painful and I was feeling quite overwhelmed at the thought that this was just the early stage! I got Tom to put my tens machine on, and started using birthing techniques like bouncing on the ball, shaking the pear tree & doing some breathing which helped it all became much more manageable.

We called the MLBU & they said to call back when contractions were 3 minutes apart and lasting a minute. When it got to that point I called them again to be told that they were full & so were the delivery suite (!!) & that we’d have to go to the James Paget in Gorleston or Kings Lynn. This triggered many tears as I’d not even considered that we wouldn’t be at the N&N, & had visions of giving birth in the car as it all seemed to be progressing quite quickly! We headed to the James Paget at about 12.30am & were relieved to get into the MLBU, safe in their hands at last. Sadly my vision of a water birth wasn’t to come true as it turned out that I had developed high blood pressure so I had to go to the delivery suite. I was hooked up to various monitors (one for the baby, one for the contractions and regular BP checks) & carried on through the night with regular contractions. The tens machine carried on working its magic, along with golden thread breathing. I was able to stand up despite being hooked to the monitors and lean on Tom, swaying from side to side during each contraction. So even though I was in the delivery suite I felt like I had an active, midwife-led birth.

My waters still hadn’t broken & I was only 5cm dilated so at 10am the midwife broke them and said I had 2 hrs to give birth or they’d have to hook me up to a drip. Luckily an hour later, after trying to get up to go to the loo, I had the urge to push so they checked and I was 10cm dilated. 20 minutes later Lenny arrived! Baby lenny

Despite not being on the MLBU or having a water birth, it was a really positive experience. Birthing techniques such as Hypnobirthing, yoga & breathing definitely helped keep me calm, & the tens machine was so worth having. Going to the James Padgett was also totally fine, they were all so lovely. My advice is to expect the unexpected and don’t get too fixated on the ‘perfect’ birthing plan.

Lenny & I are looking forward to coming to yogabubs for more of your infectious fun & positivity Jackie.

Lisa x”

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