Hypnobirthing Advice for Dads

Here is a lovely story of how Hypnobirthing helped new dad Andrew through the wonderful birth experience of their baby Noah. Read it from a dads view and find out how hypnobirthing can give great advice for dads during labour.

Hypnobirthing from a dad’s view

Hypnobirthing is a great way of involving the dad, or birth partner, in the labour and birth of your baby. It will provide both mum and dad with invaluable advice from practising the breathing techniques to help mum focus, to learning the crucial massage techniques during labour. The men will feel very important and involved in this amazing experience. Here is how Zoe and Andrew had the most wonderful, calm, birth experience thanks to their Hypnobirthing classes.

“Zoe: I woke at about 5.30am and felt slight twinges across my stomach and back. I thought labour may be starting but I wasn’t sure until I noticed ‘the show’ and then I assumed it must be!

Birth Partner Birth hypnotherapy

Massage to help labour pains

Andrew: My alarm had gone off at 5.40am to get up for work. As usual, I hit snooze to give me ten minutes more precious sleep. Zoe woke me and said, ‘I think it’s started’. In my early morning ‘fuzzy brain’ I asked, ‘Are you sure?’ She was sure!..

Zoe: I started having surges and within an hour I was having them about five minutes apart and unable to talk through them…Andrew called the MLBU and put me on the phone but I broke off conversation when the next surge arrived…

Andrew: Zoe stopped talking mid-conversation with the midwife at the N&N for another surge. I took the phone and the midwife said, “that’s just answered my question – I’d just asked her if she can talk through her contractions!” She suggested Zoe have a bath and paracetamol as it was a bit early to leave for hospital.

Zoe: I had a bath but didn’t like any warmth or sitting down and wanted to get out after five minutes. Andrew timed the surges over the next hour and they were now consistently about every three minutes. Andrew called back and a different midwife (new shift now) was still relaxed and said, it’s up to you but come in when you feel ready. I was using hypnobirthing breathing throughout and it was really helping to focus me.

Andrew: Zoe steadily got ready, pausing for every surge and I thought I’d left it too late to leave when she said to me, “I can’t leave, I need to stay here!” I told her we needed to go.

Zoe: Andrew parked at hospital and we walked slowly towards the entrance, pausing four times for surges including once in the lift! I was relieved to be there having felt the urge to push for the entire car journey. Andrew kept say, ‘not yet please!’

We finally arrived at MLBU…

We were met at the MLBU by Chrissy, who was amazing throughout. She showed us to a room and asked if I wanted to use the pool. I said yes and she ran it straight away as she knew our little one was imminent! Chrissy could tell I was fully dilated already and said there was no need to examine me.

Andrew: What a relief to be on the MLBU! I thought I’d been too laid back in setting off for hospital with what Zoe was saying en route!

Zoe: I got in the pool, which felt lovely. I felt more urges to push and Chrissy encouraged me to go with it. I continued with the surge breathing and visualisations and I felt ready to now meet my baby. I was offered gas and air but I felt so calm putting into practice what Del had taught us at hypnobirthing, I didn’t want or need anything.


Proud mum Zoe and baby Noah

Andrew: Watching Zoe breathe through her now very frequent surges, I knew she had this covered! We knew our baby was nearly here as Chrissy called for a second midwife (Kim, who was also fantastic) as needed for a water birth.

Zoe: Andrew was right! A boy!! Noah Nigel was born at 1pm after a couple more surges and pushes. It felt amazing as Andrew lifted him from the water and passed him into my arms.

Andrew: Seeing Noah’s eyes blinking away under water whilst Zoe awaited the final surge to push him into the outside world was the most surreal and beautiful moment I’ve witnessed and I was really excited to tell Zoe ‘it’s a boy’ as I passed him to her for the all important skin-to-skin! Chrissy then handed me scissors to cut the cord.

It wasn’t long before the midwives were focussed on Zoe delivering the placenta and daddy had his own skin-to-skin time!

Zoe: I couldn’t believe I’d done it. It was an incredible experience! The placenta arrived about half an hour after Noah and I hadn’t needed an injection. A few stitches were required but all completed in the MLBU where the staff were just fantastic. In the early hours we were on our way home with our beautiful baby boy.

Andrew & Zoe: We are so grateful to Del for everything she taught us at hypnobirthing. The classes were great fun and the whole birthing experience felt calm and natural. We would recommend hypnobirthing to everybody. It’s an incredible experience to birth in this way.”


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