Hypnobirthing at the MLBU

A particularly lovely birth story from Chloe and Matt! This truly shows how amazing our Midwives are and how Hypnobirthing is supported at the Midwife Led Birthing Unit at the N&N. Love to hear the twinkly stars are being used to create a calm and relaxing environment for our mums. Here’s how baby Rafferty was welcomed into the world. 

“I just wanted to send my birth story to you. Thank you for everything you taught us on the Hypnobirthing course. It was brilliant.

Hypnobirthing at MLBUOn 3rd January, Matt and I embarked on the journey to birth our son. We arrived at delivery suite with suspected ruptured membranes and this was confirmed. I was having early labour surges and arrangements were made for me to be induced. Matt was a constant support to me and our amazing midwife Raquel made the hypnobirthing experience so magical. She told us to go for a walk and when we returned she had set out our LED candles, projected stars onto the ceiling and put our relaxing music on. We also used aromatherapy oils. I used only a tens machine and breathing techniques throughout the labour. Matt was the perfect birthing partner and helped me every step of the way. He constantly made me feel that I was doing my best and that he was proud of me. This helped me to carry on and to believe in myself. The transitional phase when my body took over and I felt like I wanted to push was incredible. We then had 2 more amazing midwives who helped me through the pushing phase so much and gave me confidence and reassurance that I was doing a good job.

As I had been pushing for almost 2 hours with no real change, two consultants came and felt the position of the baby. They decided that I needed assistance as the head was in the wrong position. They talked me through the options and I was prepped and wheeled down to theatre where there were a whole host of different medical professionals including my two lovely midwives. It was decided that I would not be able to have a forceps delivery as the baby’s head was not as far down as it had appeared during my labour. I was given a spinal and a screen was put up in front of me. I felt tugging and pulling as I carried on with my breathing techniques and visualisations. At last I heard a noise and someone told me that it was my baby. He began to cry and I was crying too.

So, on 4th January Rafferty was born. It was the most amazing and incredible experience of my life and although I was unable to give birth to Rafferty naturally, I absolutely loved my labour experience.

I really believe in the techniques and strategies that Hypnobirthing gave me and would recommend the course to everybody. I would definitely do it all over again!

Thank you so much!”

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