How having a Hypnobirthing Birth Plan helped Jenni

A lovely birth story from Jenni Murphy – How having a hypnobirthing birth plan helped her stay calm and ready for the birth of beautiful Rebecca.

“At 10 days overdue, I fought a little bit with the midwives to wait to be induced until the very last minute. Resigned to the fact that it really was time the baby came out we went in to be induced. Now all I had heard about being induced were stories of it being more painful and a longer labour. I was determined to do my best to not let this be the case. This is where hypnobirthing and all the preparation came into its prime.Hypnobirthing birth plan from Jenni Murphy

Jenni’s Hypnobirthing birth plan

I listened to the affirmation CD and felt confident that I could still maintain control and approach any special circumstances calmly.
At 1pm on Friday I was given the pessary to start induction and as soon as I was able I got out of bed and started walking around the grounds. It was a beautiful day and Rich and I walked a good 6 miles! I knew it might make me more tired but I felt great and was determined to get things started if I could. At 9.30pm that evening I sent Rich home after your advice as it would be good if he could get a good night’s sleep to help me the next day.
At 10.30pm something changed! I started having contractions but presumed these must be very early stages and although they were quite uncomfortable I began listening to your sleep breathing recording on my Ipod.Hypnobirthing Birth Plan preparation for baby Rebecca Murphy
By about 1.30am I was struggling a bit and the midwife came over and examined me. At this point I was given some gas and air and Paracetamol and started using the golden thread breath. Winding the golden thread out to the pattern on the ward curtains!
As soon as Rich arrived I felt a little more in control and shortly after I felt like I needed to start pushing so Rich ran and got a midwife. My tummy literally swelled up with a contraction and I heard a pop and my waters went dramatically all over the bed.
It was all a bit of a blur and the contractions were so fast I just didn’t know what to do, I felt out of control. Then they suddenly just slowed down a little, enough for me to regain my composure and I managed to just breathe through them.
As part of our Hypnobirthing Birth Plan, we put on our music… ‘Steven Halpern Comfort Zone’ and I just relaxed and said I didn’t need pain relief. Rich was brilliant and I actually felt really empowered. The urge to push throughout was overwhelming but the feather breathing you taught us really helped.
After pushing for 1hr 1/2 they called a doctor in as the babies heart rate was dropping with the contractions. He examined me and to my relief said he wasn’t going to interfere as in another 15 mins I would have a baby.
At this point I had to have an episiotomy which was something I was really worried about especially as I had no pain relief but they numbed me with a local anaesthetic so it was absolutely fine. (So don’t be afraid of this ladies!) Our little 7lb 1oz girl was born 15 minutes later at 7.45am, with her eyes wide open.
We called her Rebecca, much to our midwife Rebecca’s delight.
The hypnobirthing enabled me to reach a place where I was totally calm. For this Jackie we are eternally grateful. Your guidance, the yoga and hypnobirthing, delivered in that friendly, funny, practical way gave us the birth we could only wish for even though we were induced. If anyone is thinking about hypnobirthing….DO IT!! xx”

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