Itching in Pregnancy… why & how to relieve it!

Many women suffer with Itching in Pregnancy … but why do we itch more in pregnancy, and most importantly what can you do about it?  We have some answers for you and how you may be able to find support to relieve it.

So why the itching in pregnancy?

Mild Itching in Pregnancy is common because of the increase in blood supply. A third more blood rocking around your body by third trimester!  Plus as your belly stretches this too can cause an itch.

What can I do to stop the itching in pregnancy?

  • Wear loose clothes, tight clothes can cause irritationItching in pregnancy
  • Wear natural fabrics – breathable cloths like cotton
  • Take a cool bath
  • Use a suitable lotion or moisturiser that is super kind and sensitive to skin. I recommend Hopes Relief Cream, it contains no petrochemicals and is the natural choice for irritable skin. It includes Jojoba, Calendula, Manuka Honey and Liquorice to support healing. I use it at home if my kids get any itching/ rashes, it’s super kind and works a treat.
  • Don’t use anything that may irritate the skin such as perfumes, and only use a plain lotion or soap.


If you’re worried or have severe itching, then talk to your midwife or doctor as there is a condition called Obstetric Cholestasis which is a potentially serious liver disorder. Other symptoms include jaundice, dark urine and pale poo. If in doubt check it out.