A beautiful water birth story from Vicky Hudson

A wonderful water birth story from Vicky, showing how staying calm and concentrating on your breathing techniques can really help you enjoy the most empowering experience of your life. Well done Vicky!
“I’m so proud to announce that Chris and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Elsie Rose Hudson into the world on Thursday 13th October @ 1.37am. She was a surprising weight of 8lb 2oz!
I was a few days overdue, but had actually started the early stages of labour on her due date of the 8th. After having a membrane sweep (and being 2cm dilated) at 9am on the Wednesday, my waters then broke at 2.30pm in our local Sainsburys, of all places! I then made my way to the midwife led unit at 7.45pm and was 3cm dilated (that didn’t deter me, as I knew things were ready). The midwife left us in the birthing room for two hours to attend to a lady slightly further along than me, so I just got in a comfortable position on the bed, shut my eyes and concentrated on my golden thread breathing and visualization. I was checked again 2 hours later at my request, as I was certain things had gone from early labor to established purely from the sensations I was having. The midwife was shocked to find I was now 7cm dilated! She said that whatever I was doing for those two hours she’d left me for had definitely worked!water birth story breathing techniques

Our Water Birth Story

She ran the birthing pool for me and as soon as I got in the pushing sensations started to kick in. I knew it was time to start pushing so I carried on my breathing and working through each contraction. Elsie was pushed out in one go, no pain relief at all and I even delivered the placenta without the injection too.
I wanted to say a massive thank you to you personally, as I don’t think I would’ve had the confidence and knowledge to have my ideal birth if I hadn’t attended your YogaBumps classes. It totally chilled me out and prepared me for the most amazing experience of my life. Total and utter proof that it’s mind over matter. All of the midwives were commenting on how positive my birth was and I was the talk of the unit!
Thank you so much Jackie. ”

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