Why Choose a Hypnobirthing Course?


This is Why! And ultimately the reason I teach Hypnobirthing courses – to help parents, just like the lovely Sophie & Will, have the best birthing experience they can! Thanks again Sophie for sharing your story! Have a read of Sophie’s birthing experience after attending our Hypnobirthing Course. Jackie x

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Why Choose a Hypnobirthing Course? This is Why… have a read

“Our gorgeous little man, Dexter was born on 22.01.17 at 9:56am weighing 8lb6oz. I birthed in the pool on the MLBU without any pain relief and it really was the most amazing time of my life. I literally couldn’t have wished for a better experience and Jackie I can’t thank you and hypnobirthing enough for giving us the skills, confidence and self belief that we could do it. It was a very quick 6 hours from waking up to him being in my arms – still can’t quite believe it’s all happened. Why Choose a Hypnobirthing Course… Here’s my story why.
Why Choose a Hypnobirthing Course?

Sooo, here’s the low down – I hope you’re comfy…

I woke up at 4am with lower back pain (which I always have really) and what I thought could be the start of the uterine seal coming away but wasn’t really sure. I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep as I was getting tummy cramps and back pain, on and off lasting about a minute and then started thinking, hmmm contractions? We started timing them just before 6 and they were 5 mins apart lasting about a minute each and getting more painful so phoned the MLBU to say I didn’t really know what was happening. I don’t think they thought I was in established labour or anything so said to have a bath and paracetamol.

In the bath they got a lot stronger and all I was thinking about was the journey to the hospital and worrying myself a little so I just breathed through them and listened to some calming music. We phoned again when they were about 3-4 mins apart though the midwife still said it was up to us and could stay at home a bit longer if we wanted. I knew that it was time to go and I’m so glad we went when we did as I got there and was examined and was 8cm dilated! This was about 8am, so Emily (the most amazing midwife) went to run the pool – and then I started getting the urge to push. It’s a very strange feeling and your body just takes over. We started to walk out of the room to the pool but had to stop and breathe through a contraction, then my waters broke all over the floor – I like to entertain!

Emily said maybe to get back on the bed but I was determined to get in that pool so waddled across the corridor looking incredibly glam in my bed sheet and got in. It was DIVINE! I think it was about an hour and a half I was in there until Dexter arrived but it felt about 20 mins, time distortion is a bloody wonderful thing! I had my calm, familiar music from YogaBumps on (you can get it on Spotify), it was nice and dark and the room had lovely twinkly lights on the ceiling so I could really zone out and relax in between contractions. Breathing and making sounds really helped too – I made sounds I’ve never even heard before!

I could feel the head wanting to come so just kept up my birth breathing and pictured having baby in my arms. I remember saying ‘I feel like he’s never going to come’ and the midwife was amazing and really encouraging saying it was all going really well. She kept checking his heart beat and said he was really chilled and not distressed by labour at all, which I think really relaxed me.Why Choose a Hypnobirthing Course?

I was just thinking ‘I need to get his head out’ so really focused on that. I suddenly stood up really quickly and Will and the midwife told me sit back down firmly, I have no idea why I stood up, it felt involuntary – and his head popped out. I sat back down in the water and she said ‘right, with the next contraction your baby will be here’ and I just thought, nope – he’s coming now. One last big breath and out he came. I grabbed him and just said ‘BABY’ it was amazing, the best feeling ever. We hugged and cried and just stared at this little amazing being for a while before we checked to see if he was a boy or girl. I was right on the boy bet! :-)Why Choose a Hypnobirthing Course?

I stayed in the water for a while as the placenta didn’t want to come so I had to encourage it a little with some yoga wiggles!

I had a small tear, but I didn’t even know I had. It was all stitched up really well (funnily enough she offered me gas an air for that bit – which I just laughed at and declined thinking ‘I’ve just given birth without it, I can do anything’. Looking at Dexter was the best medicine I could have asked for anyway.

Sorry for all the gory details, I hope you didn’t read this over your lunch guys!

Again, Jackie – a million thank yous for everything as it would have been a very different story had we not come to hypobirthing and pregnancy yoga. Everyone with little ones yet to arrive, I wish you all the most magical of births – keep calm, breathe and let your body do what it needs to do. You can absolutely do it :)

Can’t wait to see lots of you at YogaBubs real soon.

Sophie, Will and Dexter xxx”

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