Prenatal Yoga Classes in Norwich, Norfolk

Our Prenatal Yoga Classes give mums-to-be the opportunity to stretch and relax their way into motherhood in a safe and friendly environment.

Suitable from 14 weeks pregnant up until birth, our pre-natal yoga classes are designed to help you not only connect with your growing baby, but also help you to embrace the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy whilst also providing techniques to calm and prepare you for birth. Classes are booked in a series of 6 and take place at Norwich School for Girls. Pregnancy yoga is also available on a one-to-one basis.

With YogaBumps you don’t just learn and experience pregnancy yoga, you also have the chance to speak to other mums-to-be and receive guidance and expert advice from Jackie. We think it’s important to have an extra support network, so when you sign up to YogaBumps you also receive a few extras to help you through pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Sign up to 6 sessions of YogaBumps Pregnancy Yoga & also receive:

Birthing expert, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, has put all of her expertise in one package to give you the best offer for your safe, all-inclusive, pregnancy and birthing, health, care and wellbeing.

**Buy 6 sessions of pregnancy yoga and you’ll also receive: a FREE pregnancy sun salutation video download taught by Jackie, £25 OFF Hypnobirthing and £10 OFF the Birthing Toolkit – Jackie’s childbirth education course – plus you’ll have access to our monthly newsletter as well as being invited to become one of our Orange Grove VIP’s entitling you to monthly massage offers across all of our treatments to suit whatever your massage needs may be!**

Prenatal yoga classes

Prenatal yoga benefits

  • Helps hip flexibility & comfort
  • Increases circulation and helps with leg cramps
  • Helps your posture taking the pressure off your lower back
  • Teaches breathing techniques during labour
  • Strengthens your pelvic floor
  • Improves sleep, reduces stress & anxiety
  • Increases strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles in childbirth
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Your yoga ability for Prenatal Yoga

Don’t worry if you’ve never practised yoga before, it really makes no difference. Our classes are for all levels of yogic ability, from beginners to those with varying levels of experience and include traditional yogic areas of Pranayama (breathing exercises for life and birth), Asanas (postures), Shavasana and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation techniques).

My teaching method is all about you feeling comfortable and at ease, so every class is taught with you in mind and in a way that is accessible, ‘non-scary’, easy to follow, authentic, and safe for you and your changing body and growing baby.

Prenatal yoga classes

Make some new friends

As a mum myself and a pregnancy and birth expert, I understand that it can be tough, and if you don’t have anyone around you who’s currently pregnant it’s not always that easy to talk about the more delicate and sometimes embarrassing issues which come with pregnancy. At YogaBumps prenatal yoga classes, you’re all in the same boat making it a great place to make friends and have a biccie at the end of class, and share what’s going on with you with others who understand.

What do I bring?

The cost of the class includes all yoga props: mats, blocks and cushions. The only thing you will need to bring occasionally will be a pregnancy or labour ball, which we recommend you have for use at home whilst pregnant and as an invaluable birthing tool. I’ll show you how to use it. Make sure it is the right size for you. If you are up to 5′ 8″ buy a 65cm ball, and if you are 5’8″ and over buy a 75cm ball.

What should I wear?

Please wear loose clothing so you can comfortably move around and perhaps throw a light blanket over during relaxation at the end if you like.


There will be light refreshments provided at the end but please do bring water to sip throughout the class to keep your body hydrated.

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Thank you and I can’t wait to meet you!